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Over the last 20 years, the number of young professionals entering the financial services industry has been steeply declining. A large part of this may have to do with misconceptions young people have about the types of jobs performed by financial advisors. One of our primary goals is to inspire and educate students and young people about the plethora of choices available to them in a financial services career--and the great impact they can have on their clients. Financial advisors of all kinds make an incredible difference in the lives of American families and play a crucial role in facilitating the growth of wealth for all people. They demonstrate to clients the possibilities with proper financial planning. Financial advisors help to reveal a myriad of financial instruments that people can use to help them reach their financial goals. Few other professions can have the kind of profound impact on families that financial planning offers.

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($5,000 and above)
Buck Campbell
Mike Quinlivan
SFSP, Greensboro Chapter (seed donation)

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Abby Donnelly
Lincoln Foundation
Vaishali Shah
Sandy Shelton

Stuart Tugman


(up to $999)
Amazon Smile
Susan Beard

Anna Chase
Linda Erickson
Penni Foust
Stephanie Green
Lori Haddock
Keith Hiatt
Tom McGowen
Paula McMillan
Jim Morgan
Mitchell Paul
Allie Petrova

Ruth Petty
Bob Plybon
Mike Robertson
Gregg Schlaudecker

Terry Stanaland
Paula Wells



The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Our purpose:

  • Supporting the long-term health and growth of the Greensboro Chapter of the Society of Financial Service Professionals, a multidisciplinary network of credentialed financial professionals.
  • Supporting and encouraging students and young professionals to enter the financial services industry.
  • Developing educational programming.
  • Holding educational conferences, seminars, forums and meetings.
  • Serving our community by increasing the financial literacy of both students and families.
  • Soliciting, collecting, investing, managing, and administering funds for the Foundation.

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